I Am A College Student! Believe in Jesus? Wait Till I Get Old!
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This is a translation of an article by Chen Yu-zhen originally published in http://www.luke54.org/view/15/1079.html on September 9, 2010

        Many people wonder about the change in me—why did this girl who used to love having fun start going to church?

        I became a Christian on January 7, 2008 (almost at the end of my first year in college). Before I got saved, I was just like everybody else: a college student who intensely loves to join activities.

       With regards to the golden triangle of college life—societies or clubs, volunteer work, or just anything new—I was always very interested to give whichever one a try. I wanted to have a meaningful life, so I searched for a lot of activities to fill up my time. I thought that by keeping myself busy, I could find in them the meaning and satisfaction of human life. Yet the vanity and insecurity every time an activity ended made me start to doubt if there is anything that could really satisfy my heart. This lasted until the day I received a call that greatly changed my life: two sisters [in Christ] introduced the Bible and the Lord Jesus to me. Before that, I was a total stranger to the Bible and the Lord Jesus.

        Formerly when I saw the testimony of other Christians, I even resentfully thought that it was a religion for old people. I used to see the words “All men have sin” on the electric pole and I felt angry and confused. I did not know that the Bible is the bestselling and most translated book in the world. I also did not believe that there is God (I even believed more in ghosts). But when they joyfully preached the gospel to me, that God wants to enter into my spirit to be my content and satisfaction, my eyes lit up—this was the meaning of human life that I had so long been looking for.

        I was empty because I was a vessel that did not contain God. I felt human life was full of uncertainties because I had not met God. Suddenly I felt so happy because someone finally cleared up the doubts I had ever since. Moreover, seeing satisfaction and joy radiating naturally from their faces, I knew in my heart that they had something inside them that I did not have. Because I admired their simple but meaningful life, I therefore believed and got baptized.

        Now as I look back, the first time I met the Lord, my heart was so full of joy. The first time I called on the name of the Lord, my heart was also so full of peace. Every step [of my conversion] was unexpected. I never thought I would become a Christian and I also never thought I would preach the gospel for the Lord.

        But now I can really testify that believing in the Lord is the most right and most rewarding decision I have made. Because of Him, my life is totally different! I used to relish joining [more like roaming about various] course or school activities. Now I am like a boat that has reached its harbor and is no longer wandering. I used to love engaging in horseplay. Now I do not have to force myself to smile. I used to really wonder about the meaning of human life. Now I have found it—God is the meaning of my life. I used to be very afraid of the end of the world (everyone used to be so crazy about 2012). Now I know how to face the end of the world.

        Dear friends, when you simply call “Oh, Lord Jesus”, this is the simplest prayer. You can tell Him your disbelief, dislikes, and every emotion. You can definitely experience Him as the God who listens to prayer! Real gold can stand the test of fire.

        The Lord Jesus bless you.

        1 Peter 1:8 says, “Whom having not seen, you love; into whom though not seeing Him at present, yet believing, you exult with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory”.

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