Campus Life Back-to-School Gospel Conference Year 3 - A Higher View on Leaders and Leadership
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Campus Life Back-To-School Gospel Conference Year 3

For three consecutive years, Campus Life was able to hold a gospel conference for students from different colleges and universities. On June 4 to 6, 2015, a total of 277 gospel friends and young people came from schools such as the Philippine Merchant and Marine Academy, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, and others.

Four messages entitled,”God, Education and Character,” ”Leadership that Counts,” ”Treasuring Your Teenage Years for the Lord,” and “Team Building” were ministered to them. On the second day, the message concerning the Gospel of Salvation and Baptism yielded 34 baptized souls and all of the young people called upon the name of the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Campus Life Back-To-School Gospel Conference Year 3

Here are some of the testimonies of those who joined the conference:
"Thank you for giving me a chance to know more about our Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful that I found Campus Life which has strengthened my faith in Jesus."
JS, CEFI Lucena City

"Thank you Campus Life. I really enjoyed the three-day conference. I loved the food, messages, our Team 8, speakers, activities, and all aspects of the conference. The Php100 was worth it. The accommodation was wonderfully air-conditioned. May the Lord bless the people behind the conference. Lord, I want to know you more. May the Lord bless the campus work at the City of Malabon University."
RS, CMU Malabon City

"Through this conference, I found myself full of meaning and purpose. I gained friends. The experiences will not fade. I will practice what I learned."
MAP, CMU Malabon

"I felt amazed and wonderful in this Back-to-School Conference. It was so nice to be with other saints from different localities again."
TA, BPSU Balanga City

"It was my second time to join the Back-to-School conference. I enjoyed every second of my time. Though I already heard God, Education and Character many times, in this conference the words were constituted into me in a deeper way."
MCI, BSPU Balanga City

"This life is a life to treasure. I was so blessed and encouraged to be part of the young people to open a Campus Life in our school. This way, I will be preserved in the church life, away from the world but closer to the Lord."
RJT, BPSU Balanga City

"It was my favorite seminar. Hope to be here again next year!"
JAM, Taguig City University

"I could not believe that my gospel friend was baptized. Wow, we did not only have the life of God but we also entered into the kingdom of God! Thank the Lord for this three-day conference."

"Attending the conference produced unforgettable memories in my life. After the conference, I will continue to love the Lord and offer myself to God. Thank you Campus Life. I hope that in 2016 more than 500 students can come to this seminar. Amen."

"My second time to join the conference was the best preparation to go back to school!"
BSP, MPC Marikina City

"It was my first time to attend the Campus Life conference. I enjoyed every single minute of the activity."

"Campus Life was a very memorable experience to me because it has transformed a loner person to a sociable person, a silent one to a joyful one, a sad one to a happy one, a follower to a leader and most of all, a non-Christian to a Christian. I saw that this is of the Lord because I felt that I was very much welcome to join the conference."

"Thank you for letting me know God more!"

"Thank you for the wonderful experience. I will not forget it. After the pressures and stress we felt in the academy, this was the best way to relax, even with someone that you do not know well. It does not matter because we are all sons of God. To be with God is the most beautiful experience ever."

"I extend my warmest gratitude to the Lord because he introduced me to many brothers and sisters who really gave me happiness I never expected. They let me realized that I am a leader and that I have authority—an authority commissioned by God. I hope we could successfully establish a Campus Life in our school to disciple our co-students and introduce the kingdom of our God to them. Thank you Campus Life because I was really revived, empowered and saved. I not only gained friends but I gained the Lord. Amen."

"Thank you for accommodating us, for being hospitable and diligent and very concerned to every one of us. You are very well organized and I hope you will still serve us in the future."

"Keep up the good work and keep on motivating and inspiring the future leaders of our generation through God's Word."

"Campus Life was really awesome! I look forward to the next Campus Life! Amen!"
NRG, Nazarenus College

"I really enjoyed in this conference. Three days were not enough. I want more! I am excited for the next back-to-school conference because through this my knowledge increased. I pray to the Lord that He would let me join next year. Thank you Lord! I live because of You. Amen."

"I really enjoyed the hymn singing. It was really touching. When we sang together, I closed my eyes because it was so pleasing to the ears hearing many young people praising and loving the Lord so much. Congrats to the 34 soul winners! Amen."

"The things I learned here is something that I will never hear from my school. I hope to join next year's conference. It was not an accident to be here. Everything is God's plan."

"I am very thankful that I was invited in the Leadership/Back to School conference. I also want to thank all of the brothers and sisters who took care and loved us for three days and two nights in Malabon. Now, I know the importance of a relationship with God with the help of the Campus Life organization. I hope this conference will continue to flourish."
JB, PUP Unisan

"I felt blessed as I found myself here because I found God. I found out that there are lots of people participating in this Campus Life activity. I want Campus Life to be shared to my schoolmates, family and relatives, so that God can fill the emptiness in their hearts just like He did in mine."
JK, PUP Unisan


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