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Our Occupation – Gospel Preaching
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Eph. 3:8-9
To me, less than the least of all saints, was this grace given to announce to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ as the gospel and to enlighten all that they may see what the economy of the mystery is, which throughout the ages has been hidden in God, who created all things.

Matt. 4:19
And He said to them, Come after Me, and I will make you fishers of men.


Preaching the gospel is the basic and primary occupation of the church.40 Whether we are a student or an office worker, we have to offer up our occupation and put it at the gospel's disposal.41 If a person lives Christ in his dealings with others and at home, work, and school, he will definitely preach the gospel. If he does not preach the gospel, he will feel empty within…. Apparently, our job is our main occupation; however, before the Lord our main occupation is to preach the gospel. Our job is a secondary occupation that enables us to cover our living expenses; our main occupation is to live for the Lord…. Apparently the main occupation of the young people is to study. However, because of their love for the Lord and His word, preaching the gospel becomes their main occupation, and their studies are secondary. Our primary occupation should be the preaching of the gospel.42

Preaching the gospel is our primary occupation.43 The schools and the occupations of all the brothers and sisters should be related to the gospel. It is difficult to bring the gospel to a campus from outside. But it is easy if some preach the gospel within the campus…. Outwardly, the brothers and sisters were studying in that school. Actually, they were there for the gospel. Like Paul, we must be persons who are full of gospel germs (Acts 24:5; 26:29). The gospel has to spread out through us and infect others…. The gospel work in the schools must not be done by one person on a campus alone. We should have at least two students on a campus.44 They also have to go to the campuses to contact, nourish, and take care of people.45


This is an age of education. In Taipei alone there are at least four to five thousand students in junior high school, high school, technical college, university, and graduate school. These campuses are fishing ponds for the gospel. There are also many brothers and sisters who are on these campuses either as students or as teachers and professors. This environment has been arranged by the Lord, and it gives us the best opportunity to gain the young students. We need to cooperate with the Lord’s work and preach His gospel to students before they enter society, that is, while they are still being educated in school.46

The campuses are like fishponds, and the students are like the fish. All the “fish” have been gathered in the “fishponds,” so we must go to every college, high school, and elementary school to preach the gospel. This requires some specific ones in every church to receive the burden to serve in the gospel on the campuses and seek all kinds of opportunities to go to the campuses to preach the gospel.47

If all the churches practice preaching the gospel in the campus work in this way, we will have a prevailing church life. One of the best ways for the churches to get new contacts is to send our young people to the campus. The best fishing ponds for the Lord’s recovery are the college campuses. We should send our fishermen to the fishing ponds. Then the older saints can stay home to prepare snacks, refreshments, and the best dinners to gather the new contacts at least once every four weeks. The living rooms will catch them.48

The Lord Jesus was the first fisherman. He did not sit on the throne in the heavens and ask the fish to come to Him. Instead, He left His throne in the heavens and came to be a man so that He could visit man.49 The Lord wants us to be fishers of men (Matt. 4:19).50 We must remember that in our gospel labor we are fishers of men.51 The Bible tells us to be fishers of men, and the people around us are the fish.52 The young ones who are still in school have the most people around them. Every school is a big fishing pond full of fish. This is an environment arranged by God for speaking to others. Students always enjoy listening to their classmates much more than to their teachers or parents. We have to learn to catch these fish by speaking Christ to them. We have to be made the fishers of men, bringing people to Christ and to the home meetings. For this, I do not trust in any human arrangement, but in the young saints’ acting, behaving, working, endeavoring, and struggling to contact their fellow students. If we would do this, within a short time many would be baptized and added to the churches.53 A good fisher is always very steady. If a fisherman acts too quickly, he will drive the fish away from him. A good fisherman knows that the more the fish bites at the bait, the more it gets caught.54 If we would be fishers of men, gaining others for Christ’s increase, we also need patience. We cannot have the increase, the multiplication, in a quick way. Patiently we should contact others again and again until they are “caught” and brought out of the world into the kingdom of the heavens.55

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