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Our Concentration – The Freshmen Students
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2 Tim. 4:2a
Proclaim the word; be ready in season and out of season.

2 Tim. 4:5
But you, be sober in all things, suffer evil, do the work of an evangelist, fully accomplish your ministry.

2 Tim. 4:8
Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, with which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will recompense me in that day, and not only me but also all those who have loved His appearing.

1 Tim. 4:12
Let no one despise your youth, but be a pattern to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.


This preaching is not done through inviting a spiritual giant to do the speaking; that is not according to the Bible. The Lord wants us to go.56 We must purposely form teams to go to the campuses to reach the young people. If we do this with much prayer, a good number will be brought in. Let September be the time to make contact and October the month to reap. During these months, concentrate your time and labor on reaping a new crop of freshmen. First you reap them, then you build them up. After that, you may use them to gain their classmates or roommates. We need to do the same thing year after year. I believe that each time we do this, more freshmen will be reaped. Do not miss this opportunity. We must pray and seize this golden opportunity. If we gain the freshmen, then through them we shall gain some of their parents.57 Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to gain the high school students and the freshmen in college.58

We need the young people to go to the campuses, especially those who are eighteen and nineteen years old. All the young people in the church life are useful. This is why we have to work with our high schoolers. After graduating from high school, they all will be on the campuses to effectively contact the freshmen. People over twenty-five have a more difficult time in contacting freshmen. They are not as useful and prevailing as the younger saints on the campus. There is an open door for the eighteen-year-old freshmen to contact other freshmen. A person is most effective when he contacts a person who is his same age.59

According to our experience, the best way is to go to the first- and second-year students. After their second year, it is more difficult to contact these students, because many have settled into their interests and do not change easily. When they first enter college from high school, they are not settled, and they do not know the direction they will pursue. This is the time when it is easiest to contact them. The young ones must do everything that they can each semester to catch the freshmen, learning the proper way and spending everything that they have for them. The older saints can help the young ones if they make themselves young, tender, and approachable to the freshmen.60

In America many freshmen attend college away from home. Since they are considered full-grown, they may leave home once they have graduated from high school. Many of them are lonely and homesick. If we invite them into our living rooms for a little snack or perhaps a dinner, they will feel at home and this will open them to the Lord and the truth. Furthermore, people do not have a goal and they are tired of their old manner of life. This situation is sovereign of the Lord. Once a young person graduates from high school, he usually begins to think about the goal and meaning of his life. Many young people today do not have a goal. They are wondering what to do and where to go. They do not have a goal in their human life. The material riches of America cannot satisfy the hearts of the young people. Therefore, we must take this opportunity to fill up the gap in their hearts with Christ. The best way to do this is by opening up our homes.61


We should also grasp the opportunity with the incoming new students during their orientation. Two brothers once testified that they contacted five hundred new medical students during orientation. This is a good way to contact the students. The best time for a college student to receive the gospel is during his first semester as a freshman. It is easy for a person to receive the gospel when he is undergoing change. If we miss this window of opportunity, that is, the new student’s transition from high school to college, we will miss the best time for the gospel. It will be much more difficult to gain the students later. For this reason, we should try our best to preach the gospel to freshmen at the beginning of a semester. The brothers have done a good job in this aspect. Eighty percent of their labor during orientation has been good, but our follow-up is still lacking. If we can take care of the follow-up more thoroughly, more people will be saved. We need to grasp the opportunity during the freshmen orientation.62

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